Build a smarter organization with a training platform designed to help great teams grow


Distribution of learning

By sending notifications and reminders specifies to each learner.


Simple and easy tracking of learning processes

Reports, scores, surveys and more


Huge time and money Saver

By eliminating paperwork, classes, lecturers, travels, and administration of trainings.


Creating a meaningful learning experience

Courses, videos, tests, surveys and more.


Gamification and competition

Increasing motivation and challenge in learning.

Find all the LMS features you need to get up and running fast. Now, you get complete control of your training and build learning experiences people love.


A cloud solution or an on-premises installation

A cloud solution or an on-premises installation on your corporate needed


Create courses easily

Drag and drop to add all types of media to your course and set up online or in-person training sessions easily.


Simple and easy

Get learners set up and running fast. Import users in bulk, invite them to self-register, sort users into groups and more.



Add your logo and brand colors, and point your LMS account to your company domain. Fine-tune further with custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Works well with others

TalentLMS integrates easily with the apps and services you love, so your training fits into your work life without any interruptions


Deliver on any device

Let learners access courses from anywhere, whether a desktop, mobile, or tablet. They can even train offline on mobile and sync their progress once back online.



Track training from every angle with real-time, scheduled, and custom reports, dynamic dashboards, training infographics, and exportable Excel sheets.


Host live sessions

Set up online or in-person training sessions easily. Invite learners to self-register and send automatic reminders for upcoming training.


Tests and surveys

Build your own quizzes, tests, assignments, and surveys to evaluate your learners and your learning material.


Meet and connect

Keep learners engaged by staying in touch when you can’t be face to face. Easily host video conferences, leave feedback, start discussions, send messages, and more.


Localize for everyone

Make learners feel at home, anywhere on earth. Set the platform to match each user’s language and time zone, with support for over 30 languages.



Hook your learners from the start. Gamify courses with badges, points, levels, leaderboards, and rewards.

No 😍
our LMS is a cloud solution, fast and easy to implements an no installation is required.
Yes! 😬
We provide full support that includes setting up the environment, integration with other systems in the organization, tutorials for using the system and even support for the end user, the learner.

Sure! 😎
We offer training solutions in a variety of topics and styles for your organization.
Regulations, management trainings, soft skills and organizational processes, all is available to you in English and other languages.

Of course 💪
An organization that sets up a dedicated environment has management privileges. In addition, it is possible to define different permissions for different users from within the organization as needed - instructors, managers, administrators etc.

Yes! 😏! The learning management system connects to a wide variety of platforms
Sure is!
The system is available on a computer and mobile, you can also download the application and enjoy a convenient and adapted interface.