No 😍
our LMS is a cloud solution, fast and easy to implements an no installation is required.
Yes! 😬
We provide full support that includes setting up the environment, integration with other systems in the organization, tutorials for using the system and even support for the end user, the learner.

Sure! 😎
We offer training solutions in a variety of topics and styles for your organization.
Regulations, management trainings, soft skills and organizational processes, all is available to you in English and other languages.

Of course 💪
An organization that sets up a dedicated environment has management privileges. In addition, it is possible to define different permissions for different users from within the organization as needed - instructors, managers, administrators etc.

Yes! 😏! The learning management system connects to a wide variety of platforms
Sure is!
The system is available on a computer and mobile, you can also download the application and enjoy a convenient and adapted interface.